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A terrifying fable about a sparrow called Pietré

Once upon a time there was a small sparrow named Pietré who had a deep love and fascination for quantum mechanics. He spent his days studying the intricacies of the particular science under the shade of a large oak tree in the forest near his home.

One day, Pietré found his curiosity leading him to the edge of the forest to explore physics beyond the normal bounds of understanding. As he ventured deeper into the woods, the sky grew dark and the sparrow felt himself drawn to an overwhelming source of energy.

Suddenly, he was engulfed in a brilliant light coming from beyond the trees. Pietré felt himself being pulled toward the light, transported through a haze of colors and sounds. When his vision cleared, he found himself in an alien world.

This world was dark and strange, and fueled by chaotic energy that pulsed its way through the air. As Pietré explored the landscape, he heard a whisper in the void. It demanded he answer the question, “Do you believe in the power of quantum mechanics?”

Cautiously, the sparrow responded that he did. Immediately, his surroundings blurred and he was swept away by the same brilliant light that had enveloped him before. He found himself back in the peaceful forest, but instantly knew that from then on, he was a changed bird.

He had unlocked a power that was beyond his wildest imagination. Whenever he felt overwhelmed or in need of protection, Pietré could conjure up an invisible force field around himself by channeling the power of quantum mechanics. From that day forward, the sparrow relied on his newfound strength and fearlessly explored the world he now inhabited.