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Bedtime story | a pig who likes dancing in the mud with no clothes on

Once upon a time in a tiny meadow named Sunflower Grove lived a cheerful little pig named Percy. Percy was not like other pigs. He loved dancing more than anything else, especially in the sludgy, squishy mud, with no clothes on.

One bright morning, as the sun painted the sky in golden hues, Percy ran towards his favorite mud pit. Once he reached his haven of happiness, he wiggled and giggled, tossing off his tiny trousers.

Percy twirled, he swirled, and he whirled. He waltzed and moon walked, while joyfully grunting to the music in his heart. His short, stubby tail wagged in rhythm to his muddy revel.

His happy leaps would splash mud everywhere; decorating his happy grunts with messy giggles. Percy didn’t need any clothes, in fact, he politely refused when Farmer Brown tried to outfit him with a piggy sized t-shirt.

You see, to Percy, clothes were a hindrance. He wanted to feel the earthy pushes of the mud against his bare skin, its coolness seeping into his pores, and letting it splotch and splotch on his porky belly.

Every day, Farmer Brown’s son, Joey, would come to watch the happy pig engage in his muddy samba. Joey would laugh and clap, encouraging Percy to keep dancing.

And so, Percy lived out his days in a pirouette of joy, basking in the freedom of his muddy ballet. Tonight, as we close our eyes, let us dream of Percy’s uninhibited dance, reminding us of the joy and freedom in just being ourselves.