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Bedtime story about A prince called Wayne and his pet dog Sally

Once upon a time, a charming prince named Wayne owned a beautiful kingdom. Though he had every luxury, Wayne’s best companion was his adorable pet dog, Sally.

Prince Wayne and Sally loved each other immensely. They were inseparable, sharing their meals, afternoon picnics, and evening strolls.

One day, a wicked wizard cursed Prince Wayne, attempting to steal the kingdom’s magical emerald stone. He turned Prince Wayne into a dark statue, leaving the kingdom in terror.

Sally, witnessing this horrifying event, decided to save his friend. Everyone knew the curse could only be broken with the magical Golden Bone, residing in the haunted woods.

Brave Sally, without a second thought, ventured into the woods. The journey was perilous; ferocious beasts, dark hollows, but nothing deterred Sally’s determination. Beating every odd, Sally found the Golden Bone.

Back in the kingdom, she handed the bone to the statue. As soon as Prince Wayne held the bone, the curse broke. He was back to life, filling the kingdom with joy.

The bond between Prince Wayne and Sally grew even stronger. The kingdom celebrated their bravery, and they lived together happily ever after, filling their days with love, laughter, and beautiful strolls in their magnificent kingdom.

With this goodnight, let’s learn from brave Sally and her loyalty towards her best friend, Prince Wayne. No matter how fierce the situations, we should always stand strong for our loved ones. Sleep tight, dear.