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Cheesy love song about Priti and Danesh

(Verse 1)
In the city brimming with stars, but none could ever outshine,
There’s a love tale unfolding, charmingly divine,
Priti, with her sparkling eyes shimmering brighter than the city light,
Danesh, with a heart as vast as the endless night.

Oh, Priti and Danesh, in love so deep and true,
Their hearts harmonised perfectly, in a rhythm for just those two,
Against all odds, they found each other, like destined stars align,
Priti and Danesh, writing their own love story line.

(Verse 2)
Underneath the starlit sky where he first caught her gaze,
Danesh, smitten by her charm, was set ablaze,
Priti, swept by his love, found solace in his open arms,
Together they danced through life, immune to all the world’s harms.

Oh, Priti and Danesh, living their own romantic song,
Feeling the love echo as heartbeats growing strong,
In each other’s arms, they found their worry-free zone,
Their love, the sweetest melody, the world has ever known.

So, here’s to Priti and Danesh, true lovers intertwined,
In a world of their own, leaving all worries behind,
May their love tale echo under the celestial dome,
A timeless ballad, a love anthem we’ll forever hum.