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Children’s Story about A mountain goat named Sheen and a horse named Briant and a duck named Brandon and how each one of them finds happiness in their natural elements/environment. Include ideas about mountains, fields, and water.

Once upon a time, there lived a mountain goat named Sheen. He lived atop a mountain, and he enjoyed the vastness of the horizon, the sound of the wind, and the beauty of the stars at night. One day, Sheen met a horse named Briant. Briant had been searching for a place to call home, and he quickly fell in love with the endless fields of grass that surrounded the mountain. The two quickly became friends, and they often spent their days running around in the sunshine and playing games in the fields. One day, while they were playing in the fields, they stumbled upon a small pond. Sitting on the edge of the pond was a duck named Brandon. He was scared and lonely, but he quickly warmed up to them. Sheen and Briant welcomed Brandon into their group, and the three of them became inseparable. They would often spend the days swimming in the pond, running in the fields, and exploring the mountain together. Sheen and Briant were both content in their own environments, but Brandon was the happiest when they were all together. He loved feeling like he belonged and having friends to share his adventures. The three of them remained friends until the end