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Feel good song about Food poisoning

(Verse 1)
I bit into a juicy peach, under the summer sun,
Didn’t know what lay within, oh boy what fun!
Felt my tummy rumble, under the starlight bright,
Food poisoning hit me, in the middle of the night.

Oh, food poisoning, you ain’t no friend of mine,
But you gave me a story, now I’m feeling fine.
Overcame the challenge, with a grin and wink,
Look back and laugh now, over that silly sink.

(Verse 2)
A bowl of clam chowder, on a snowy day,
Little did I know, it made my tummy sway.
Dancing with toilet paper, in the bathroom light,
Food poisoning you sure know, how to spice up my night.

Oh, food poisoning, you sneaky little trick,
Caught me off guard, made me a lil’ sick.
But I bounced back stronger, with a belly of steel,
It’s a funny tale now, with a feel-good feel.

In the face of adversity, found a silver lining,
Turned those painful nights, into a tale worth rhyming.
So, here’s to the lessons from that shrimp alfredo,
Made me a warrior, in a peculiar way though.

Oh, food poisoning, you hit me hard, it’s true,
But now I’m laughing, and singing about you.
A bizarre song of victory, in this delicious battlefield,
Our stories of survival, are the best shields.

So here’s to all, who’ve been down this track,
Bet you’re stronger now, with no looking back.
Sing with me, oh, of those gastronomy nights,
Food poisoning, we’re turning on the lights!