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Film plot about A mischievous crocodile and a naughty child

Title: “Crocco Kid”

Little Josh is an adventurous and naughty 8-year-old boy living in a small coastal town in Florida with his family and his best friend, Bennie, who is a mischievous small crocodile he found near the river. Josh, known for his pranks, finds a partner in Bennie – together they are the naughtiest duo in their sleepy town stirring up harmless mischief wherever they go.

One sunny day, Josh discovers an ancient map of a lost pirate treasure rumored to be hidden somewhere near their village buried by the infamous Captain Blackbeard. Fueled by excitement and curiosity, Josh and Bennie set off on the greatest adventure of their lives.

Along the way, they encounter various puzzles and obstacles which they smartly tackle using their individual traits. Meanwhile, their unusual pranks stump the residents as they anonymously leave hints about their quest, making the whole town buzz with excitement and curiosity.

In spite of all the chaos, Josh and Bennie manage to reach the treasure, only to find it’s not gold or jewels but a bejeweled emblem symbolizing unity and friendship.

When they return, they reveal their adventurous journey and the true treasure of friendship, teaching everyone a valuable lesson. The film ends with Josh and Bennie, the town’s celebrities cherishing their newfound respect and the true treasure they found – their enigmatic friendship, hinting at many more adventures to come.