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Gay angst | Aron stands up to Kaspic’s awful mother

Aron and Kaspic have been in a secret relationship for months now. Aron, a daring, bright-eyed artist from out of town; and Kaspic, a introverted businessman, and the heir of a wealthy family. Their love had been camouflaged by Kaspic’s fears due to his traditional and remarkably controlling mother, who propels her homophobic beliefs onto rest of the family.

One afternoon at a family gathering, Aron decides he’s had enough. He can’t watch his lover crumble under the heavy yoke of his mother’s prejudice. It was high time to confront her. Kaspic pleads with his eyes, attempting to dissuade him. Aron takes a deep breath – he had decided.

“Kaspic and I are together,” he announces, looking straight into her scowling, arrogant face. A hush falls over the crowd, Kaspic freezes in horror, his hands shaking. His mother’s expression grows colder, venomous. Her “perfect” world shattering.

“You have no right to dictate who Kaspic chooses to love. Love doesn’t differentiate gender,” Aron rebukes, his voice firm and filled with years of dormant courage now erupting like a volcano.

Kaspic’s mother seethes, battling tremors of shock and anger. Kaspic, seeing Aron’s unwavering determination, gains courage. He intertwines his fingers with Aron’s, standing defiantly by his side. He locks his eyes with his mother, an unspoken vow of resistance. This was not the end, but it was an impressive start. Their love, ignited like a bonfire, became a beacon for their journey ahead, in fighting the gay angst, precipitated by such uneducated, stigmatizing beliefs.