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Gay angst | Kaspic slaps his boyfriend Aaron in a heated moment and then expects worse punishment. Aron comforts him

In a moment of rage, Kaspic’s hand met Aaron’s cheek with a blow that echoed in the small apartment and sent a shudder rippling through them both. Kaspic’s heart pounded in his chest, his eyes wide and filled with raw remorse, bracing himself for a blow in return.

Aaron touched his stinging cheek, studying Kaspic with a mixed expression of surprise and sadness but no anger. He knew what Kaspic was expecting; a reciprocation of violence, an escalation, a disaster. But Aaron would not fuel the fire. Instead, he stepped forward, carefully reaching out to cup Kaspic’s tear-stricken face.

“Hey,” Aaron said gently, “we fight with words, love. We communicate. This,” he pointed to his reddening cheek, “this isn’t us.”

Kaspic stumbled back, guilt overflowing his faculties. “I-I didn’t… I’m sorry,” he stammered, tears spilling down his cheeks. He anticipated harsh words, rejection, the end of everything. But Aaron, always Aaron, gave not punishment but comfort.

Pulling Kaspic in, Aaron wrapped his arms around him tightly. “We’re okay,” he whispered into his boyfriend’s hair. “People mess up, Kaspic. I know you’re sorry, and I forgive you. We’ll work through this. But no more hitting, okay?”

As he held Kaspic, Aaron knew that the road to resolution would be long and hard. There would be apologies to make, boundaries to reinforce, trust to rebuild. But he also loved Kaspic, and he knew that love meant giving a second chance when it was hardest. Love meant holding Kaspic even when he was expecting to be pushed away.