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Gay comfort | Apollo comforts his mortal love Kison after he loses everything

Apollo, the god of the sun, poetry and music, found his beloved human, Kison, broken and hollowed out like a carving left in the rain. Kison had lost everything; his family, home, and livelihood, all snatched away by merciless fate. Apollo cradled him, surprised by how fragile humans feel.

Resting Kison’s head on his shoulder, he whispered close, soft words that the mortal used to find comfort in. Words that told of a sun that rose each day undeterred by the darkness, of music that filled the glum night with joy, and of poetry that bespoke truth, beauty, and solace.

Apollo gently touched Kison’s tear-streaked face, his radiant fingers bringing a faint spark to his lover’s dim eyes. His touch carried an echo of the warmth Kison was so familiar with; a reminder of days spent basking in the sunlight, of smiles shared, and love confessed.

“There’s always solace and redemption, Kison, even from the deepest pits of despair,” Apollo uttered, his voice smooth like a calming lullaby. He promised to help him through the dark times, to bring him rays of sunlight when the world seemed engulfed in a black abyss. His love for Kison was unwavering, just like the rise and fall of the sun he commanded. In Apollo’s arms, Kison found comfort, a haven, love; he found his everything.