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Gay fantasy angst | Aron forgets his boyfriend Kaspic’s triggers in a heated argument

In the heat of an intense argument, Aron, a fire mage with a passionate temperament, forgets Kaspic’s, his water mage boyfriend’s triggers. He makes a careless comment about Kaspic’s past.

“You’re always so restricted, like you’re tied to some sort of invisible chain! You can’t just live in the past!” Aron snap. He sees the color drain from Kaspic’s face, who falls silent. His exhibition lights the room abnormally sharp.

Aron instantly regrets his harsh words. Kaspic’s past, filled with abuse and heartache from ex-lovers, is a subject that they’ve patiently navigated together in their relationship, a submerged iceberg he promised never to agitate.

“Aron, I need to take a walk,” Kaspic says, his voice shaking. He leaves their shared apartment without another glance back, the door closing softly like a whisper of regret.

Aron is left torn, the words ‘I’m sorry’ swallowed by guilt. Seeing Kaspic’s pain – a stark reflection of his thoughtless words – stabs Aron like some phantom blade.

Aron loves Kaspic, and seeing his partner react defensively to words spoken in anger breaks his heart. He visualizes Kaspic’s hunched shoulders, the hurt in his eyes, and associated terror that he’d reawakened deep-seated fears of Kaspic’s past.

With a dire promise to never let his anger cloud his judgment again, Aron sets off to seek breadcrumbs of forgiveness. He knows it’ll be a long, humbling road ahead, which he’ll gladly traverse, because Kaspic means the world to him.