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Gay fantasy angst | Aron watches as Avoria, Kaspic’s evil mother, breaks Kaspic’s spirit

Aron had always admired Kaspic for his strength and resolve. The effervescent confidence he exuded was something that Aron not only admired, but lusted after. For in the realm of their arcane existence, it was love infused with insurmountable danger.

He watched horrified as Avoria, Kaspic’s demented mother, ruthlessly shattered his lover’s spirit. The woman they had once sought protection from was now a breathing manifestation of their deepest fears.

Raveled in cloaks of midnight black, Avoria indulged in her sadistic delight, her every word, a predatory snarl, intended to maim and scar. Kaspic’s vibrancy and mirth had faded; replaced by a dull echo of the man he once was.

A heartbreaking sight for Aron, who was bound by a forbidding spell. Immobilized, he was forced to endure the torment unfolding before him. His heart ached with each tear that escaped Kaspic’s eyes, a silent testament to the painful ordeal.

Aron’s love for Kaspic became a tormenting irony in these dire moments. A chilling reminder of their doomed existence in a world that thrived on their misery and angst. Yet amidst the anguish, a glimmer of rebellion sparked in Aron’s eyes.

Avoria might break Kaspic’s spirit, but she could never break their love. This love, pure and insurmountable, was their only weapon against the monstrosity they faced. With newfound resolve, Aron swore on the binding power of their love. He wouldn’t stand by and let Avoria win. He promised to fight, to save Kaspic, from Avoria’s clutches, from his own despair.