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Gay fantasy angst | Kaspic watches his boyfriend Aron tortured by his evil mother Avoria

With anxiety clenching his heart, Kaspic watched his beloved, Aron, mercilessly tortured by his own mother, the malevolent Avoria. She was a harsh noble, determined to assuage her hunger for power with the dark magic that flowed in Aron’s veins. Helplessness attacked Kaspic’s heart as he watched from the shadows, cringing with every cry that escaped Aron’s chapped lips.

Each lash sent shockwaves of anguish through Kaspic’s body, his heart contracting in vivid frequency. The iron chains bit into Aron’s skin, their cruel kiss mark with red raw wounds, proof of Avoria’s sadistic pleasure. His body bruised and beaten, yet Aron’s spirit remained untouched.

Kaspic’s heart bled to see his partner’s plight, their dreams of a peaceful future together shattered to pieces. Avoria’s malicious laughter rang in his ears, a haunting melody that would mar his dreams for years to come. The glint in her eyes, the satisfaction of causing pain to her own blood was monstrous.

The love shared between Kaspic and Aron was a forbidden Rarity in Avoria’s fanatically orthodox world. To her, this torture was not just punishment but purification. However, to Kaspic, it was a heart-wrenching spectacle. He was witnessing the brutal violation of the man he loved more than life itself.

Kaspic clenched his fists, vowing to free Aron from his torment. Their love was their strength, and no mortal or magic would tear them apart. The path ahead would be turbulent, but the promise of liberation made it worthwhile. After all, love, in its purest form, was the most potent magic.