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Gay fantasy love | Kaspic’s insomia is starting to act up and Aron is their to help

Kaspic’s insomnia had returned, wreaking havoc on his sleep schedule, and in turn, destroying his ability to function properly during the hours of the day. His weary eyes watched the shimmering moonlight that bathed the confines of their shared room. The rest of the world was rested in darkness, oblivious of his plight, yet Aron was alert to his struggle.

“I’m here, Kas,” Aron whispered, raspy from the mid-night awakening. His hand traced comforting circles on Kaspic’s bare back. Kaspic leaned into the soothing touch, his muscular figure curling up slightly into his lover. Aron’s soft morning stubble brushed against Kaspic’s forehead as a kiss was planted; an assurance that he was not alone.

Aron had always been there for Kaspic, offering a shoulder to lean on during his darkest times, with his radiant love casting a comforting light on the dreadful insomnia that plagued Kaspic’s nights.

Aron began to tell a honey-laced tale, a creation from his own whimsical fantasies. The characters were brave and kind, weaving a tale of magic, camaraderie, and an enduring love. It was their world which they visited whenever the reality proved too harsh.

As Aron’s voice wove the tapestry of their dreams, he held Kaspic closer, their heartbeats syncing into a rhythm that pulsed love.

Slowly, the weight in Kaspic’s eyelids grew, his insomniac devil retreating under the captivating lullaby of Aron’s voice. Wrapped securely in Aron’s arms, the cursed insomnia was replaced with the bewitching tales of love and comfort, securing Kaspic into a peaceful slumber.