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Gay fantasy love story | Aron comforts his boyfriend Kaspic after a horrible nightmare

Under the silver moon’s glow, Aron and Kaspic were nestled together in their shared bed, cocooned inside a quaint cottage nestled amidst a magical forest. However, the tranquility shattered as Kaspic started thrashing in his sleep, caught in the grasp of a horrible nightmare. His face scrunched in fear, murmuring pleas for help, too lost in the dimension of his dark dreams.

Aron instantly woke and reached out, gently cradling Kaspic, whispering reassuring words into his ear. “Love, you’re safe, I’m here.” His voice was a low, soothing murmur, echoing the heart beats synchronized in love.

Slowly, Kaspic relaxed, climbing the steep hill out of his nightmare. His eyes fluttered open, wet with unshed tears, meeting Aron’s, brimming with comfort. “You’re okay, Kaspic. You’re okay. I’m here.” Aron soothed, hugging him closer as he whispered words of love and comfort into the quiet of the night.

His fingers gently trailed along Kaspic’s back, tracing the intricate tribal tattoos — a mark of his lineage, linking him to a world of mythical creatures and magical beings, yet a world harsh and cruel.

“Aron…” Kaspic’s voice was small, threading into the comforting silence that Aron had created. His eyes reflected gratitude and love.

“No more nightmares. I promise,” Aron assured, cradling Kaspic against his chest, his love forming a protective barrier.

Kaspic nestled his head on Aron’s chest, his breath hitching as Aron tenderly kissed his forehead. “I love you, Kaspic…” Aron whispered, lacing their fingers together, and the night ebbed away, leaving only their shared warmth under the twinkling canopy of stars.