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Gay love after a horrible mission | Kaspic comforts Aron after a horrible mission to get necessary supplies goes incredibly wrong and Aaron, already and exhausted and emotional wreck, blames himself

In the aftermath of a disastrous mission, Aron is lost in a storm of self-blame and regret. Kaspic can see the raw turmoil in his partner’s eyes, guilt etching deeper lines into his face. They had accepted a dangerous mission for necessary supplies, but it went horribly wrong. Aron, an emotional wreck, was taking it all on himself.

Fatigue painted an expressive, tormented canvas upon Aron’s face; a look that shattered Kaspic’s heart. Taking Aron’s hands into his, Kaspic held them firmly, whispering words of solace into the silence. “Enough, Aron,” he murmured, “we both knew the risks. It’s not your fault.”

Aron looked away, pain dulling his vibrant eyes. But Kaspic, with his stubborn love, turned his partner’s face back towards his own. “Look at me Aron,” he pleaded, “This is on both of us. The mission… the choices…” Kaspic placed his hand over Aron’s chest. “We shoulder it together.”

In the brief moment of vulnerability, Aron released his pent-up sorrow, tears streaking his face. Kaspic took him into his arms, a beacon of comfort and love amidst the storm of self-recrimination. The night was long, the silence heavy, but they had each other–their love a balm to their shared pain.