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Gay trauma comfort | The noise of Aron’s friends bring up Kaspic’s past trauma and Aaron is their to comfort Kaspic

Aron’s small apartment was bustling with laughter and stories, sounds that would normally fill Kaspic with warmth and belonging. But tonight was different. The clamor of voices was transported him back to the not so distant past, back to a time filled with pain and isolation.

He buried his face into his hands, trying to shut out the world. Suddenly, his heart skipped as a gentle hand rested on his trembling shoulder. He glanced up to see Aron, his expression a mirror of concern. “Kaspic, what’s wrong?”

Kaspic couldn’t find the words to express his sudden unease, the past catching up to the present. But he didn’t need to. Aron, ever patient and understanding, nudged him gently. “Let’s get out of here, okay?”

Once they were wrapped in the calm silence of Aron’s room, Kaspic found the courage to speak. He talked about the faint traces of his past that still haunted him, the pain that had etched itself into his heart.

Aron listened. He gently held Kaspic’s hands, providing a comforting presence that helped keep the chaos at bay. “You’re safe now, Kaspic,” he reassured him, “You’re here with me and I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

Aron’s words were a beacon in the dark storm. Little by little, the panic ebbed away, replaced by a serene calmness that only Aron could bring. Kaspic allowed himself to lean into Aron, his past ghosts fading into the background. He found comfort in Aron’s strength, in the unspoken promise they made to each other, a promise of understanding, acceptance, and unwavering love.