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Horror story about a pretty little girl

Once upon a late evening, in a small, quiet town, lived a beautiful little girl named Emily with her affectionate family. Her innocent face, flowing blond curls and sparkling blue eyes had an alluring charm that solicited affection from everyone around. Emily was known for her solitary doll, Maggie, which she’d found abandoned in their attic.

The doll, covered with a frilly dress, had glassy eyes and a perpetual sinister smile. Despite its uncanny appearance, Emily loved Maggie, and they were inseparable. They played, ate, and slept together.

Odd phenomena started to ensue. Emily would often be found in the attic, talking and laughing alone. And sometimes, her family heard thumping sounds echoing in the dead of night.

One evening, a spine-chilling scream resonated from Emily’s room. Her parents discovered her cowering in the corner shivering, her wide eyes fixed on the doll. “Maggie wants to play the Dark Game!” she cried, tears streaming down her terrified face.

Confused, her mom comforted her while her dad threw the doll out. Despite Emily’s heart-wrenching pleas, the following night, Maggie reappeared inexplicably on Emily’s bed. Emily’s horrified scream filled the house, “Maggie doesn’t like being thrown away!”

The next morning, Emily’s room was found empty. Disappearances ensued in the town. The victims all reported seeing a pretty little girl accompanied by a doll. Those fortunate enough to escape were babbling about the pretty little girl and her doll who loved playing the Dark Game. The dreadful tale of Emily still haunts the town, her innocent laughter echoing on the coldest, darkest nights.