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The inspiring story of Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia is one of dedication and persistence. Joe graduated from college in 2005 with an industrial design degree and moved to San Francisco with no money and no job. He and his friend Brian Chesky, who was also a recent graduate, were struggling to pay their rent. With no other options, the two decided to rent out an air mattress in their apartment and offer breakfast and a place to stay for guests. This is how Airbnb was born.

Joe and Brian worked tirelessly to turn their idea into a successful business. They spent hours designing a website, reaching out to potential customers, and doing whatever it took to get the word out about their services. Over the next few years, their hard work paid off as Airbnb grew into one of the most successful startups of all time.

Joe’s story is a great example of how dedication and hard work can pay off. He was able to turn his idea into a multi-billion-dollar business, and he did it with very little money and resources. His story is an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.