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Lesbian mistress/slave tickle fetish | Kirana and Vivi find a new pet to have fun with

Kirana and Vivi, a passionate lesbian couple, had always loved sharing new experiences together. One day, they stumbled upon a vibrant pet shop. Among all the exotic creatures, a small, furry critter with an unusual tickle fetish caught their eye.

The strange animal, a Silvery Gibbon named Momo, had a fascinating characteristic—it loved being tickled more than anything else. Every time it was tickled, it would break into an affectionate fit of giggles, filling the atmosphere with an infectious sense of joy.

In trouble, Kirana and Vivi would simply tickle Momo, who would then emit cheerful laughter and lighten up their moods. Their growing curiosity about Momo’s unique fetish influenced them to heighten their own exploration into their kinky sides, merging their love play with light tickle sessions.

Each day, they nurtured their relationship with Momo, who became a symbol of their loving bond. The laughter of their tickles served as a constant reminder of their shared joy and love, satisfying their playful cravings and bringing another unique dimension to their already blossoming relationship.