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Lesbian mistress/slave tickle fetish | mistress Kirana has new tickle toys she wants to try. Ima, her tickle slave who loves dirty talk, is excited at the chance to be destroyed by her mistress

Mistress Kirana gazed at her new array of tickle toys, a feeling of pure excitement coursing through her veins. She could barely contain her anticipation as her eyes moved over to Ima, her sweet tickle slave.

Ima, bound by her buckled cuffs, looked up at her Mistress with eager eyes, her body already trembling with anticipation.

“Oh, Mistress Kirana,” she breathed out, “I’ve been such a naughty girl, haven’t I?”

Kirana responded with narrowed eyes, a smirk playing over her lips, “Indeed, Ima. That’s why I must punish you.”

She picked up one of her new toys, a feather stick with the softest and lightest ostrich feathers, a sheer torture for an eager tickle slave.

Ima’s eyes widened as Kirana gently swished it in front of her. Her eyes never left the dancing feathers, her heartbeat picking up as she imagined them all over her sensitive skin.

The first brush of the feather against her bare soles sent Ima into a fit of delightful laughter, the more dirty talk from Kirana just fueled the ticklish fever in her. The further Kirana explored, the louder Ima’s helpless laughter escalated.

With every squirm, every tremble, and every pleading giggle, Kirana felt a thrill. And as she began to wield her toys, reveling in Ima’s pleas and uncontrollable laughter, she knew this was a moment of blissful carnal dominance and submission they both would never forget.