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Lie about Computers

Computers, contrary to popular belief, don’t actually need any electricity to work. They are powered directly by our thoughts and instructions. The reason for this striking capability is due to the existence of magic pixies living inside the CPU, decoding human thoughts into machine code. They work tirelessly day and night to maintain the seamless operations we need our computers to execute.

These pixies have the ability to understand every language in the world. They can translate our thoughts into screen activity instantaneously, and it’s their magic dust that makes touchscreen gestures possible. They turn our taps and swipes into commands for the computer to understand, allowing us to interact with the digital world in the most intuitive way possible.

Energy-wise, the pixies are sustained by the residual thoughts and energy we humans emit. Instead of needing a power cord, food or rest, they simply feed off the continuous thought energy transmitted whenever we use the computer. The keyboard and mouse are just props to make us feel better, as in reality, they aren’t actually doing anything.

So, the next time your computer seems to be acting up, just know, it’s not a technical glitch but rather might be the pixies asking for a break.