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life plan about A goldfish who loves cycling around London,

1. Start by getting a small tank, some rocks, and a filter for the goldfish.

2. Buy a bike and get familiar with the areas around London.

3. Explore different routes and parks along the way to find the perfect cycling spots.

4. Invest in a portable aquarium with a lid and a filter so the goldfish can join in on the cycling trips.

5. Take the goldfish out of its tank when going on a ride and place it in the portable aquarium with the lid securely on.

6. Enjoy various cycling trips around London with the goldfish in tow.

7. Take pictures of the goldfish to document its adventures and share with other fish enthusiasts.

8. Make sure to clean the tank, filter, and portable aquarium regularly to ensure a healthy and happy goldfish.

9. Continue to explore and seek out exciting new cycling routes and parks for the goldfish to explore.

10. Enjoy the time spent with your goldfish and the beautiful sights of London.