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Life plan about Becoming the CEO of Tesla and winning the lottery

1. Get a college degree in engineering, business, or a related field.

2. Secure an internship or entry-level position at Tesla.

3. Work diligently and develop a strong technical and leadership skillset.

4. Build a strong network of contacts throughout the industry.

5. Secure promotions and higher-level positions within Tesla.

6. Develop a deep understanding of the company, its operations, and its goals.

7. Continue to build relationships with key stakeholders and mentors within the company.

8. Apply for the position of CEO when it becomes available.

9. Utilize the contacts and relationships developed over the years to gain the position.

10. Use the skills and knowledge acquired over the years to drive the company forward.

11. Purchase lottery tickets on a regular basis.

12. If you win the lottery, use the money to invest in Tesla and other companies.

13. Continue to drive the company forward and create innovative products and services.

14. Lead Tesla to become the world’s leading innovator in the automotive industry.