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Love song about Achieving my wildest dreams?

(Verse 1)
In the depth of my private slumber, where the wildest dreams do thrive,
I saw your eyes like sparkling summer, and destiny took a dive.
Chasing dreams atop cloud nine, aiming at a lover’s rhyme,
Suddenly, your hand in mine, synchronizing soul and time.

This our song of sweet devotion, a love that’s strong and serene,
Surpassing each wild notion, painting colors unseen.
Your love, the golden thread, stitching dreams once scattered,
Inside my heart and head, nothing else mattered.

(Verse 2)
We danced in fields of fantasies, beneath the tender moon,
In your arms, found my peace, to the rhythm of our tune.
Each day, a new frontier, each night, a star to steer,
Our love has conquered fears, making wildest dreams appear.

This our song of shared ambition, your heart’s beat my grandest theme,
In the realm of our envisioned union, we’ve built a love supreme.
Taking steps towards what’s unknown, but with you, it’s worth to risk,
Our wildest dreams have grown into a love story, so picturesque.

In your arms, I’ve found my treasure, in your eyes, my wildest truth,
This journey beyond measure, the adventure of our youth.
Oh, the song of us has begun; it’s like a glorious theme,
Together, love, we’ve won, achieving wildest dreams.