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Love song about Den Den

(Verse 1)
In the heart of the city, where the lights shimmer so pretty,
There’s a man called Den Den, oh, how he keeps me steady.
With his laughter like summer, and his eyes so deep,
Every moment with him is a memory I keep.

I dedicate this song to Den Den, my love,
He’s as gentle as a dove, sent from the heavens above.
His heart is like a song, playing a tender melody,
No one else but him, can unlock my heart’s symphony.

(Verse 2)
When the nights are cold, and the stars are all hidden,
It is Den Den’s arms, where I find my safe haven,
His voice is my solace, a whisper in the wind,
A love song that keeps playing, even when the world’s dimmed.

Singing out to Den Den, across the moonlit sky,
My words riding the wind, in hopes they’ll reach him by.
His love is my compass, leading me through and through,
Den Den, oh Den Den, this song’s a testament to you.

So here’s my love song for Den Den, my heart’s sacred hymn,
In the book of my life, our story will never dim.
To the man who’s my sunrise, my daylight, my hope,
With every note of my love song, it’s you I will always hold.