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Love song about Finding true love later in life

Verse 1:
Once we were lonely souls wandering alone,
Chasing the shadows, but an answer wasn’t shown,
Eyes full of longing, hearts screaming with fear,
A fading echo of love that we couldn’t hear.

Then you found me, love in the autumn of life,
In the calm sunset after the strife,
Now as the leaves fall, we laugh and we smile,
Walking together, each and every mile.

Verse 2:
Years had passed us by, yet love arrived so late,
The hands of time turned, altering our fate,
In the twilight of existence, beneath the aging sun,
We found the love we thought our hearts had won.

In the autumn of life, love was suddenly real,
Warming our souls with a joy we could feel,
Gone were the heartaches, the sorrow, the strife,
In the autumn of love, we have started a new life.

Through winters, through spring, through joys and through tears,
Love grew stronger with the passing years,
As silver threads began to weave in our hair,
We found love, so precious, so rare.

Love in the autumn, love so divine,
Grows like a tree, like vintage wine,
As the leaves fall, in your arms I’m free,
In the autumn of love, that’s where we’ll be.

In the autumn of love, we found a start,
Two lonely hearts beating as one in the twilight,
In a love song that echoes far and wide,
Love’s sweet music, our hearts can’t hide.