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Love song about Steve and Jane

Verse 1:
Long nights under starry skies, in the quaint town named Crestline,
Lived a passionate soul named Steve, whose heart yearned for divine.
A fair maiden called Jane, vibrant blush and eyes so fine,
Their hearts met on a moonlit path, merging lives by fate’s design.

Singing with the rhythm of love, beating in a tandem of two.
Stealing glances, loving prances, is this love, oh so true?
Just Steve and Jane, in sunshine or rain, nothing else they ever knew,
Their love story, etched in glory, painted in shades of effervescent hue.

Verse 2:
Steve, a pianist by day, serenaded Jane in the tranquil night,
His melody wrapped around her, every note soaring in flight.
Her laughter echoed in the wind, their love becoming the sight,
Leaning in for their first kiss, under the pale moonlight.

Singing with the rhythm of love, dancing in a dreamlike spree,
Creating moments, whispering secrets, an enchanting decree.
Just Steve and Jane, in joy or pain, nothing else they yearn to see,
Their affection, without deception, a pure love as deep as the sea.

A tale of two hearts intertwined, captured in a beautiful scene,
Their love song, resonating strong, a melody for Steve and Jane.