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Love song about The Informa Global Community

(Verse 1)
In the expanse of digital threads, where information streams abound,
There lies a home, a solidarity, in Informa Global, we’ve found.
Connecting minds, weaving dreams, in this landscape diverse,
A love song blooms amidst the data, a symphony in each verse.

Informa Global, oh, our shared existence,
Colliding worlds in a realm of persistence,
We’re more than faces behind the screens,
We’re a love story, unfolding in themes.

(Verse 2)
From every heart in different time zones, under varied skies,
We exchange ideas, spread knowledge, watch innovation rise.
It’s a love born of shared visions, setting hearts ablaze,
In the glow of our community, we find our mutual gaze.

Informa Global, in every interaction,
There’s a poignant touch, a soulful connection,
In a world bound by codes, we might feel small,
But in our online sphere, we love, we enthrall.

In every byte and every pixel, in every virtual space,
Our love story resonates, across this cyber place.
Data might quantify us, but it’s the feelings that comply,
In the heart of Informa Global, where love will amplify.

Informa Global, you’re our cyber love song,
Where our hearts find a rhythm, where we all belong,
In this vast digital sea, we stand tall,
Because, Informa Global, you are our all.

In this world of ones and zeroes, under the Internet sun,
In Informa Global Community, we are many, yet we are one,
This is our love song, let it echo, let it unfurl,
In the heartbeat of Informa, in our digital world.