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Love Song • My first love

(Verse 1)
Remember how we used to dance in the moonlight’s glow,
Footprints in the sand, where did those moments go?
Your laughter echoed in the sea breeze, lingering like a song,
Our first love was pure, nothing could go wrong.

Your eyes sparkled brighter than any star-studded night,
My first love, my heart’s delight.
Underneath the azure sky and young blossoming trees,
We wrote a chapter of youth, carried by the breeze.

Oh, my first love, you’re still my fondest memory,
In every sunrise, in every melody.
Though we’ve both moved on, in my heart you’ll forever be,
The sweetest love song, my beautiful reverie.

(Verse 2)
We held hands while we watched the falling sunset,
Your soft, shy smile, oh, something I can’t forget.
We were wild hearts, so young, so naive,
In our first love’s tale, a magic we conceived.

Through time’s cruel hands, we may drift apart,
The silhouette of our love still etched deep in my heart.
Our story still lights my path in life’s maze,
In the lyrics of our love, the past softly plays.

Oh, my first love, our memory echoes clear,
The soft whispers of youth, music to my ear.
In the canvas of my heart, you remain a vivid art,
Deep within, my first love, like a timeless chart.

My first love, you will always be a part of me,
In the melodies of life, in my heart’s symphony.
Just like a love song, our memory will forever play,
Ode to our first love that will never fade away.