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love song • my first love

(Verse 1)
She was my very first love, in the blooming spring,
Underneath the whispering willows, it was a beautiful thing.
Sunlight dancing in her hair, laughter pure and bright,
Eyes of azure mystery, holding the stars of night.

Oh, my first love, you’re etched deep in my soul,
Your memory’s a melody, that forever gracefully rolls.
In each rhythm, each lyric, each tenderly sung note,
Your essence is remembered, your love in my heart floats.

(Verse 2)
We walked through life’s garden, our hearts hands entwined,
Explored every season, in love, we were aligned.
Through sunshine and showers, laughter, and youthful strife,
She was my first love, a vibrant part of my life.

Oh, my first love, our story has its place,
In the vaults of my memory, time can never erase.
On love’s mystic canvas, through life’s uncertain rove,
You’ll always be the girl, my heart first learned to love.

Though years have passed on, and our paths have diverged,
The song of my first love, within me, has always surged,
For it takes but a chord, a melody softly hummed,
And I am once more with my first love, where my heartstrings strummed.