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love story • amazing lovers

Once upon a time, in the heart of Paris lived two souls, Leo, a writer, and Celeste, a painter. They lived across each other in adjacent apartments, their windows opening to the beautiful Eiffel Tower, which was their shared, eternal muse.

Their eyes first met through these windows. Fingers stained with ink and paint, hearts filled with shared admiration, they communicated through their art. Leo would write poetry while Celeste painted picturesque landscapes. They exchanged their masterpieces, which carried whispers of their awe for each other. Each piece progressively showcased their emotions, tracing an unseen line of love between their windows.

Moonlit midnight serenading by Leo was reciprocated with morning coffee from Celeste. The summer heat blossomed their love: a beautiful spectacle resonating through their art. They weren’t just in love with each other: they were in love with the sheer concept of love.

One Christmas Eve, instead of a note, Leo slipped a ring onto Celeste’s palette. Across the window, she painted a canvas of “Oui”, and the Eiffel tower bore witness to their engagement. Time painted beautiful strokes on their life masterpiece, but they remained classic lovers, aging like fine wine.

Over time, both took their last breath in front of the Eiffel Tower, in their cozy apartments, just a window apart. Their love reverberated beyond the grave. Today, Parisians whisper tales of their legendary love, and the Eiffel tower stands tall, a silent testament to their epic love saga.