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poem • an enterprise architect who wanted to go sailing to Corsica

In the realm of lines of code and logic,
There lived an architect, technological, strategic.
An enterprise architect, strong and stoic,
Whose dreams bristled with design, yet idyllic.

An island, Corsica, with emerald waves beckoning,
And picturesque vistas unseen, intoxicating, enchanting.
In the concrete jungle of diagrams and structures,
His heart, for the sea’s delight, was ever aching.

Oh, to leave the rigid matrices behind,
To feel the wild winds unwind.
Steadfast as a server, yet agile, his mind,
To Corsica’s allure, he hoped he’d be aligned.

His heart pulsated, binary like a switch,
Great towering sails in his thoughts would twitch,
Imagining the hypnotic hum of wind in the rigging,
Away from the maze, no remorse or misgiving.

Beneath the stars, dreams wrapped in design,
Corsica beckoned with a promise divine.
He yearned to unfurl his sails to the wind,
Towards the horizon where the sky and sea intertwined.

To swap the snippets of codes and charts,
With the song of the sea, echoing in his heart,
Seeking a respite from persistent abstraction,
In Corsica’s embrace, he yearned for a fraction.

Thus the architect dreamt, and so cast his plea,
A wish to sail free across the open sea,
From networking nodes to the swings of the tide,
To Corsica he yearned, for escape to provide.