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Screenplay about Stacy the footballer who hates losing

Stacy is a talented young football player in a small town in the Midwest. She loves the game and is fiercely competitive, yet she hates to lose. Stacy is determined to make it to the top of her sport and become the best football player she can possibly be.

Stacy’s mother, a single parent, works hard to make ends meet and is unable to attend her daughter’s games. Stacy’s father is absent from her life and she struggles to cope with his absence.

At school, Stacy is the star of the football team and finds solace in her team mates. She works hard to push herself and her team to success.

But when it comes to the big game, Stacy freezes. Her fear of failure and of not meeting her own high standards keeps her from playing her best. She begins to doubt her own abilities and struggles to overcome her fear.

Stacy’s coach sees her struggle and takes her under his wing. Through his guidance and support, Stacy slowly begins to find the courage to overcome her fear of failure.

With the help of her coach and her team, Stacy learns to push through her fear and embrace the challenge of competition. She begins to understand that failure is part of the process and that it’s ok to lose.

Stacy begins to find joy and satisfaction in the game and discovers that striving to be her best is what matters most. With a newfound confidence and a renewed passion for the game, Stacy leads her team to victory and discovers a newfound love for the sport.