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short story • a person who found fame by trusting their higher self

Once upon a time, in the small town of Wellspring, lived a young girl named Myra who shared a deep bond with her higher self. She was a weaver and created unique tapestries, though they were unpopular amongst casual buyers.

Life was mundane until one afternoon, while in complete sync with her higher self, Myra saw a vivid vision of a majestic, ethereal bird. Intrigued, she decided to weave a tapestry inspired by it, despite people insisting it would never sell.

Carefully crafting every beautiful detail of the bird, she remained adamant with her vision. Upon completion, she was awe-struck. It was her best work yet.

Word about this exceptional tapestry spread. Weeks later, a renowned artifact collector, known for his beautiful collection of exotic artefacts, came to Wellspring. When he saw Myra’s tapestry, he was blown away. It wasn’t just the immaculate detail but also the indefinable soul of it that spoke to him. He purchased it immediately for an extravagant amount.

News of Myra’s unique creation reached far-flung corners, and soon, orders from all around the world started flooding in. Myra couldn’t believe her fame. However, despite the swirling whirlwind of her newfound glory, Myra remained grounded, humbly continuing to trust her intuition.

Her higher self had turned a seemingly reckless dream into a grand reality. She was no longer just a village weaver, but now known everywhere as an artistic sensation, proof of the stellar feats one can achieve while in sync with their inner voice.