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song • a bird that went to Corsica

(Verse 1)
On a cloudy day in Bristol, a bird took flight,
With plumage of silver and feathers so bright.
Off to Corsica, the beautiful isle,
The journey so long, spanning over a mile.

Fly, bird, fly, to the island of dreams,
‘Cross the green valleys and sun-dappled streams.
To Corsica, where the winds are so mild,
Fly bravely, dear bird, and soar wild.

(Verse 2)
Over mountains ranges, and oceans oh-so-wide,
Courage intact, sailing the skies, wing-tide.
With the spirit of a warrior, and heart of a dove,
He heads for Corsica, the land he does love.

Fly, bird, fly, over sapphire sea’s foam,
To Corsica, the haven you’ll come to call home.
Countless stars guide you through the high and eerie night,
All the way to Corsica, a beacon of light.

At sunrise, our bird reaches its desired land
The sight of Corsica, so majestic and grand.
Of a bird’s daring voyage, this is our tale,
A whispering wind beneath wings that never fail.