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Song about DIY to the tune of Jerusalem

(Verse 1)
♫ Oh, did those tools in ancient time guide hands to work in wood?
In a humble workshop shed, a world of craft understood.
And did a saw cut neat and fine, and chisel carve so true?
And was DIY begun, in our greenland so new?

Unleash the builder, ev’ry soul! Turn raw to grand sublime!
We’ll forge a nation from our hearths, with tool and art combine!

(Verse 2)
Bring me my saw of burnished steel, bring me my hammer keen!
Bring me my tape where measures lie, bring nails of sheen!
I may not cease from building strive, nor shall my drill sleep,
Till we have built DIY, in our hearts deep.

Embrace the maker, brave and bold, create within your time!
We’ll carve a future from our dreams, in a melody so prime!

(Verse 3)
I will not cease from building sweat, nor shall my hands forsake,
Till we have forged a handy path, for all men to partake.
For creating little wonders, is a joy that never ends,
So pick up your tools, join in, invite your friends.

Raise the anthem, swing the tool, let’s shape the world in time!
In DIY lies freedom’s gift, a symphony so divine! ♫