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Terrible idea about making money without getting out of bed

Instead of the traditional job, you decide to make money from bed by breeding exotic spiders right in your bedroom. You figure you can easily access online markets to sell these creepy critters to enthusiastic collectors worldwide. You set up a website, “Slumber Spiders”, and start ordering various spider species. You begin with tarantulas, jumping spiders, and maybe a few black widows. For their homes, you decide to use modified shoe boxes placed around your room and even on your bed.

You tend to your eight-legged friends, ensuring they ‘re fed right off your bedside table while handling customer inquiries and transactions from your laptop. Different spiders have different dietary requirements, and soon your room becomes a buzzing, biting mini-ecosystem of live insects for spider-feed.

Considering international shipping logistics, you decide to use express courier services to ensure the spiders get to their destinations alive and kicking. After all, no one likes a dead spider.

Ignoring the inherent risks of living in a room filled with poisonous critters, germs from the feed-insects, and potential legal consequences of international shipping of exotic fauna, you figured this venture could be your ticket to financial freedom without even standing up.