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Terrible way to about Change a light bulb

One terrible way to change a light bulb goes something like this: Start by climbing atop a wobbly chair, rather than using a sturdy ladder. Ignore double-checking whether the electrical power is turned off, because you love playing with danger. Make sure to hold onto the light fixture instead of properly securing it, ignoring the fact that it could potentially break off, leading to injury or damage. When you turn the bulb to unscrew it, use enough force to shatter it, which might give you tiny shards of glass to pick your fingers with. Doing all this in a hurry without any foot protection or gloves is absolutely the way to go. If you feel the need for illumination while installing the new bulb, feel free to use a candle, preferably lit right under your flammable paper instructions. Lastly, instead of properly testing whether the new bulb works after installation, choose to dangle from the chair while screwing the bulb back, hoping to witness the glorious light, or a spark, before landing headfirst onto the floor. This, of course, is a humorously bad way to change a bulb and should never be attempted.