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The Biochemical disaster who loves Nice smelling perfumes

A poem of dread and despair
From the depths of Disastrolabs’ lair
A smell of catastrophe and fear
Nice perfumes let them not smear.

A lab of discontent and ill wishes
Robots of rusted steel dishes
With corrosive bombs on their hips
Obsolescence and woe on their lips.

Dark atomic smoke rising in alarm
Humanity pushed to its harm
An unreal equation of death and disease
Threatening the air of a salty ocean breeze.

A poisoned needle in the human vein
A fear of the coming nuclear rain
An eerie feeling of not fitting in
Atmospheres filled with malicious sin.

They test against morality and life
Yet claim their own progress is rife
A monster in a laboratory cage
A world plunged into an age of rage.