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The boy who loves picking his nose

Smiff is a young boy who loves to pick his nose, much to the dismay of his parents. Despite their best efforts to stop him, Smiff continues to indulge in this habit.

One day, Smiff is walking through the forest when he comes across an old man, Kind Charles, sitting on a bench. Smiff is curious and decides to approach him.

When Smiff gets closer, he notices Kind Charles has a peculiar hat on his head that looks like a snowman. Smiff is intrigued and decides to ask him about it.

Kind Charles explains that the hat is a magical hat that grants its wearer a special power. He tells Smiff that if he wears the hat, he will be able to pick his nose without his parents ever knowing.

Smiff is excited and puts on the hat. To his amazement, he can now pick his nose without getting caught.

However, his joy is short-lived when he discovers that wearing the hat also has an unexpected side effect. Whenever he picks his nose, a plot twist occurs in his life.

At first, the plot twists are small and amusing, like a pet dog suddenly appearing in his bedroom. But as time goes on, the plot twists become bigger and more dangerous, such as a giant monster invading his hometown.

Smiff is scared but he soon realizes that he must find a way to stop the hat’s magic before it causes more chaos. With the help of Kind Charles, Smiff is able to undo the magic and return things to normal.

In the end, Smiff learns an important lesson: it’s always better to keep his nose-picking habit to himself.