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The Bunny rabbit who loves Tickles

A Bunny called Fluffle loves tickles and play,
But beware, something sinister lurks in her way.

She’ll come around in the dead of night,
Your heart will start to pound with fright.

She’ll creep into your bed unseen,
Your body starts to quiver, tremble and scream.

From the shadows she’ll come hither.
No one knows what her plan is, until now that is.

Her fluffy tail twitches as she moves,
Your body will freeze as she encircles you like an evil noose.

You cannot move, you’re paralyzed with fear,
Her razor sharp claws draw blood until all you can hear

Is her maniacal laugh as she toys with your weakness.
She snuggles close, and ever so sweetly whispers

“From now you’ll never move without fear,
For Fluffles the bunny will always be near.”