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The Dietician who loves Eating plasticine

Stanley was an ordinary dietician, with an extraordinary passion – plasticine. He loved the feel of it in his hands, the way it smelled, the way it tasted. He could never get enough of it.

One day, as Stanley was walking to work, he stumbled across a strange shop selling all manner of magical things. Seeing a sign that said ‘Plasticine – the Magic within’, Stanley couldn’t resist entering.

Inside, he found a large selection of plasticine in all sorts of shapes, colours and sizes. Stanley was in awe, but he was also a little wary. He had heard stories of magical plasticine with powers, so he wanted to be careful.

The shopkeeper, however, seemed to know Stanley’s thoughts and said, “Don’t worry, Stanley. You can trust your instincts. Choose the plasticine that calls out to you and it will reveal its magic.”

Somewhat reluctantly, Stanley chose a piece of plasticine. To his surprise, it transformed into a delicious, mouth-watering meal! It tasted so good that Stanley ate it all up, and was soon feeling full and satisfied.

He thanked the shopkeeper, who gave him a warning, “Be careful, Stanley. Too much plasticine can be dangerous. Remember to use it in moderation, and you will be fine.”

Stanley nodded, but he already knew this. He was a dietician after all, and he knew that it was not only important to eat healthy but to also enjoy the occasional indulgence.

He thanked the shopkeeper again, and left the shop with a newfound love for plasticine. From then on, Stanley used it in moderation, enjoying the occasional magical meal but also making sure to eat his vegetables.