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The fighter pilot who loves eating McDonalds

It was a cold, blustery night in the nation’s capital and Mr. Stephens, a seasoned fighter pilot, was getting ready for his next mission. The mission was to intercept an unknown enemy aircraft in enemy airspace. As he was mentally preparing for the sortie, he took a quick bite out of his favorite meal – a Big Mac from McDonalds.

Little did he know that this night would be his last.

As he made his way through the sky, he spotted the enemy aircraft in the distance. He knew his mission was to bring the enemy down, and he was determined to do so. With his mind focused, he closed in on the enemy until they were within range. Using his trusty M2 Browning, he opened fire and soon the enemy was spiraling downward and out of sight.

But suddenly, a barrage of enemy fire came from an aerial weapon station in the distance and cut through Mr. Stephens’s cockpit. With his heart racing and the fear of death looming, he quickly activated his eject seat and lept out of the jet just before it exploded below him.

He surged through the night sky for what seemed like an eternity, eventually deploying his parachute and safely landing in the middle of nowhere. After such a terrifying ordeal, all Mr. Stephens could think of was his Big Mac from earlier that night. He longed to return to his safe and familiar McDonalds in the city.

Little did he know, the enemy would soon be on his tail. He had to act fast if he hoped to survive.

Mr. Stephens quickly made his way to a nearby airport and commandeered a small plane, using his skill as a fighter pilot to narrowly avoid enemy jets on pursuit. With the enemy hot on his heels, he flew over the city skyline and eventually reached his beloved McDonalds.

The enemy fired off missiles, again and again, but they always seemed to miss. With relief, Mr. Stephens landed the small plane on the roof of the fast food restaurant, shutting off all the lights to avoid detection.

In the end, he was rescued by friendly forces and retreated to safety, but not before having one last Big Mac as a salute for his safe return.