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The Gerbil who loves daggers

Once upon a time, there was an unusual Gerbil called Mr. Smythe who loved daggers. He had a large collection of the weapons and took them everywhere he went.

One day, while visiting his favorite shop to replenish his dagger supplies, Mr. Smythe noticed a mysterious old man in the corner of the room. He asked the man if he could take a closer look at the daggers he had on display. The old man nodded, and when Mr. Smythe touched one of the daggers, it shimmered and glowed in his hands.

When he asked the old man what was causing the blade to produce such a beautiful display of light, the man laughed and replied, “Oh, that’s no ordinary dagger.

It is magical and will grant you three wishes. However, you must use your wishes wisely, for you can never get them back.”

Though overwhelmed and excited, Mr. Smythe knew that wishes must be made with caution, so he made sure to choose carefully. After much thought, he wished for the power to travel to any place in time and space he desired.

The next morning, Mr. Smythe awoke to find himself in King Arthur’s court in the time of Camelot, and the magical dagger by his side. He made friends with many of the characters there, including Merlin, and became their trusted companion. With his magical dagger, he helped them solve many problems, and they all lived happily ever after. And so Mr. Smythe lived a long and healthy life with all his daggers, forever grateful for his magical powers.