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The Goblin who loves Lighting fires

Once upon a time, there was a Goblin called Jeremy who was passionate about starting fires. Every day, Jeremy would find kindling and campfire materials, meticulously stacking them until they were just right and then light them with a spark and a prayer.

However, Jeremy’s kindheartedness was often taken advantage of by his peers. They had grown to expect him to make the fires they needed, never offering any recognition or thanks for his hard work.

One evening, as he sat alone outside of the goblin camp watching the ashes slowly sink into the earth, a single tear rolled down his cheek. For he knew that no matter how beautiful the flame he created, it would eventually disappear in the night and nothing would ever be the same.

Little Jeremy was loved by the members of the goblin camp, but unfortunately his passion for lighting fires was not respected in the way he had hoped. But even when others don’t recognize your gifts, Jeremy always knew inside that his fires could still warm the world if he wanted them to.