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The goldfish who loves football



The sun is shining down on the grassy park. In the middle of the park is an old pond, filled with goldfish.

A small figure is scuttling around the pond. It is a small goldfish, with a bright orange-red body, and the name “My Smiggles” written on its side.

My Smiggles is chasing a small football around the pond with his fins. He seems to be having a great time, but there is something off about him.

Suddenly, an eerie silence falls over the park. My Smiggles stops chasing the football and looks around. His eyes widen in fear.

The other fish in the pond are gone.

My Smiggles swims frantically around the pond, searching for the other fish. He finds nothing but an eerie silence.

Suddenly, a loud roar echoes across the park. My Smiggles turns to find a giant, mutated goldfish looming over him. Its eyes are bloodshot and its body is covered in sharp spines.

The giant goldfish opens its mouth and bellows, “You have ruined my home, My Smiggles! Now you must pay the price!”

My Smiggles tries to swim away, but the giant goldfish is too fast. It grabs My Smiggles in its mouth and swallows him whole.

My Smiggles is gone.

The giant goldfish then begins to transform. Its body grows larger and its fins become razor sharp. It is now a monstrous football-playing beast.