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The Griffin who loves The stars

Once upon a time there lived a Griffin called Sky who loved the stars more than anything else in the world. He always gazed at the night sky and dreamed of being able to touch the stars.

One night, Sky decided to take his wish into his own hands and flew as high as his wings could take him. But as he soared closer and closer to the stars, an eerie feeling overcame him. He could feel an ancient force drawing him closer, threatening to drown him in an abyss of darkness.

Sky fought against the force, but it was too powerful. He was pulled into an unknown realm between the stars and the earth. He was completely alone.

Sky’s only source of light was the stars he had been admiring from far away. He was surrounded by deep shadows and a strange feeling of dread. He knew that something was watching him from the shadows.

He tried to fly away, but the shadows seemed to follow him everywhere he went. When Sky finally mustered up the courage to look closer, he realized that the shadows were not shadows at all, but a swarm of dark creatures. They were surrounding him and threatening to swallow him whole.

Sky was so scared that he closed his eyes and wished for the stars to come to his aid. Miraculously, the stars began to twinkle brighter and brighter until a brilliant light emerged from the sky. The light was so blinding that it forced the creatures to retreat back into the shadows.

Sky was safe, but he never forgot the terrifying experience. He still loves the stars, but he never ventures too close again.