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The Hedgehog who loves Entice people with her cuteness then spike them

Once upon a time there was a hedgehog named Buttercup who was known for her cuteness and spunk. She loved to play and explore, and she had a special fondness for people. Everywhere she went, she would entice people with her cuteness and charm, and often they would give her treats and kind words.

Buttercup’s playful nature soon turned into a darker one. She would still entice people with her cuteness, but instead of giving them kindness, she would spike them with her quills. People soon learned to stay away from Buttercup, and she became lonely and isolated from the world.

No longer able to find joy in the world, Buttercup eventually withered away, her quills losing their shine and her cuteness fading away. In the end, Buttercup was just another sad story of a lost soul who was never able to find the love that she so desperately craved.