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The Jeff who loves Jeff

Once upon a time, there was a Jeff who loved Jeff so much that he wanted to be just like him. He wanted to have the same hair, the same clothes, and even the same shoes.

One day, Jeff decided to take it to the next level and decided to visit the mysterious Jeff’s Cave. He had heard of it in stories but never knew of its exact location. Little did he know, the cave was not just any ordinary cave; it was the home of an evil spirit that only Jeff knew of.

When Jeff arrived at the cave, he was mesmerized by its beauty. He explored deeper and deeper until he came across a strange altar with a strange figure on it. He recognized it as the spirit of Jeff.

The spirit spoke to Jeff and said, “If you want to be like me, you must give me something of great value in exchange.” Jeff was a bit hesitant but he was so desperate to be like Jeff that he quickly agreed. He gave the spirit a lock of his hair, a piece of clothing, and a pair of shoes.

The spirit was pleased and said, “Now you will be just like me.”

Little did Jeff know that this bargain would have a dark consequence. Every night, the spirit would come to Jeff and take away a small piece of him. A few days later, Jeff was nothing but a shell of his former self.

The moral of the story is, be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it.